How Far in Advance Should I Call A Caterer for My Next Event?

Event planning that requires catering is inextricably linked to several factors:
. Number of guests/patrons attending
. Type of catering required
. Type of menu preferred
. Advance notice needed by the caterer

Number of Guests/Patrons Attending Your Event
Once specific details of your event is complete, such as event theme, event location and date and time, the next issue is the number of guests and/or patrons invited and plan to attend.

The number of guests/patrons affects how far in advance you should contact a caterer as well as the size and location where your event will be held.

Type of Catering Required
Catering style for your catered menu is important and relates to the size and general room capacity and space.

The type of catering frequently chosen for casual events is buffet. Civic and charitable organization events usually prefer buffet style service for moderately sized groups.

Family style service works well with anniversary, birthday and small wedding parties, depending on the number of guests invited and invitations accepted.

Formal table service for a banquet is an elegant way to offer catered menus for weddings, business groups and speakers’ meetings. Discuss details of each type of catering service in Montgomery County, PA with your caterer.

Type of Menu Preferred
In most cases, guests and/or patrons of your events will have special dietary needs. The type of menu that suits individual needs affects food and beverages offered on the menu.

Your professional caterer offers a wide selection of menus for vegetarian, vegan and sugar and salt free diets.

Choose an haute cuisine menu for your special event that is as delicious as it is memorable.

How Far in Advance Should I Call A Caterer for My Next Event?
The time needed by the caterer to prepare menu(s) depends on how large the event will be. Most corporate event planners prefer to book a caterer at least six weeks in advance of the event so any changes to the number of guests or special menu requests can be provided in a timely manner.

For smaller events of less than 20 people, advance notice to the caterer of about two or three weeks is sufficient. This assumes the date chosen for the event does not fall during holidays when catered events are most likely to be scheduled.

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