Made to Order Chef Stations for Your Office Party

If you’re still in need of catering services for your Philadelphia area holiday office party, know that it’s not too late to start planning now! At Catering by Jessica Lee, we love putting on events for our corporate clients, and we would love to count you among them. To find out more about scheduling catering services for your holiday office party, call us today at (215) 343-4186 or send an email to

Of course, once you start planning your party you’ll need to pick out some food items for your guests to enjoy. While we do offer a number of tabled or passed appetizers and served entrees, we think the real fun of having a catered party is watching the food being made right in front of you by friendly professional chefs. If you’re looking to give your guests an unforgettable experience, you’ll want to try one of our manned chef stations, which will allow them to have dinner and a show, all in one! Here are a few of our many chef stations:

Carving Station – Nothing makes an impression like big slabs of whole grilled Black Angus beef tenderloin, juicy smoked ham, roasted pork loin, or oven roasted turkey breast (complete with cranberry stuffing and gravy for the holidays). Our trained chefs will carve these delicious meats right in front of you so you know you’ll get exactly the piece you want!

Baked Potato Bar – You can’t have meat without potatoes and we like to take things to the next level with toppings like sour cream, fresh chives, hearty chili, creamy cheddar cheese sauce, and bacon… we can also custom tailor this selection with these and so many other items.

Cheesesteak Station – What Philadelphia area party would be complete without some mouthwatering cheesesteaks? We take fresh, house-sliced beef top round and chicken breast and serve it up to order on classic Amoroso rolls, with traditional Philly toppings like sautéed onion and cheese whiz, or anything else you’d like, including mushrooms, peppers, hot sauce, and blue cheese dressing.

Taco and Fajita Station – We all love taco nights, so why not have one at your office holiday party? Choose from seasoned ground beef, sliced grilled chicken breast, or even fresh seasonal fish with a wide range of toppings.

Cherry Smoked Pulled Pork Station – Mini brioche buns are the perfect complement to our cherry wood smoked pulled pork butts, served with our homemade sauces and fun accompaniments like caramelized onion, jicama slaw, and grilled pineapple salsa!

S’mores Station – Don’t forget about dessert! Your guests will have so much fun toasting their own marshmallows and eating them together with classic s’mores toppings (plus a few new ones you may not have tried before).

Chocolate Fountain – Speaking of dessert, nothing’s more impressive than the legendary chocolate fountain. It comes with a full spread of fresh fruit, shortcake, marshmallows, pretzels, and more to dip in that rich Belgian chocolate for a decadent treat that adds an air or sophistication to your party.

The holidays may be right around the corner but it’s not too late for you to start planning now! Call Catering by Jessica Lee today to find out more about our manned chef stations, plus all our other options for passed and tabled appetizers, served seated meals and more!

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